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Currently unavailable until further notice, due to Covid 19 pandemic

Lessons for small groups (Max. 5 children per group) take place at a residential area. There is no parking on site. Recommendations on drop off, collection and parking (see our Terms and Conditions) need to be strictly followed. Not complying with these rules will result on cancellation of lessons' registration.

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Are you a Teacher? and would you like to:

  •  Improve your teaching skills?
  • Provide better learning to your students?
  • Gain a recognised teaching qualification?

If so, the online Certificate for Music Educators (CME), Level 4 provided by Enact Music and accredited by Trinity College London and ABRSM, is for you!

Our distance learning course can be fully completed remotely, online. This allows for learners based in different locations in the  world to study for the CME course, without the need for travel.

Intention to enroll onto Enact Music CME course can be submitted at any time throughout the year.

Submit your application asap and embark on an exciting and high quality learning experience!

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What We Offer

Our team of highly dedicated teachers are here to support you at each step of your learning journey

We provide one-to-one tuition in:

We would love to have you join us.You will be allocated a teacher who will encourage and teach you the skills required to play your chosen instrument. If lessons are not immediately available for your instrument you can be placed on our waiting list and contacted when a slot becomes available. 

In an era where technology permeates our lives it is important to be able to make music using technology. In this course students become acquainted with software used to edit sound, write music and compose.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic group lessons are currently unavailable. We will post here further information on the re-start of these lessons as soon as we have more clarity.

We offer group lessons in: Music Theory, Music Technology and Composition

Unfortunately, due to Covid 19 it was not possible to deliver our music summer scheme in 2020.

In our summer schemes children engage in innovative activity based music courses informed by the latest research in music psychology and education. The courses are great fun and educational, designed to develop children musical potential, confidence in music making and performing in a progressive and supportive environment.

Apart from Enact Music concerts our students fully engage with the local musical community through performance at various music festivals and competitions (e.g. Holywood Music Festival, Lagan Festival, Belfast Music Festival, EPTA).

We have recently done a lockdown concert, with video recorded performances of students who continued learning through online teaching. The videos have been posted on our Facebook page and will soon be posted at our YouTube page.

Enact Music will start delivering the Certificate for Music Educators (Level 4) accredited by Trinity College London in October 2017. Click here for more information

Our Recent Work

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Summer Scheme 2015

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Summer Scheme 2016

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Our Recent Work

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Christmas Concerts 2019 Students

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Christmas Concerts 2019 Ensembles

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Christmas Concerts 2018 Duets

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Christmas Concerts 2018 Teachers' Performances

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Christmas Concerts 2018 Students

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Christmas Concerts 2017 Duets

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Christmas Concerts 2016 Solo Performances

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Christmas Concerts 2016 Duet

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Christmas Concerts 2016 Duets

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Christmas Concerts 2016 Teachers' Performances

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Our Team

We love teaching

Dr Lilian Simones

Director and Piano Teacher

CME Level 4, Course Director

Designated Teacher for Child Protection

Data Protection Officer

Through multifaceted professional experiences as pianist, teacher, researcher development consultant and company founder and director, I have attained a detailed knowledge of the musical learning process, and the portfolio of skills musicians require to succeed in today’s world. My research focuses upon intersections of education, psychology and communication studies, analysing pedagogical practice and improvement. My work published in prestigious academic journals, centres upon ways of rethinking instrumental and vocal music pedagogy, and the role of gesture in music teaching and learning. I decided to found Enact Music because I consider that most music educational scenarios have not moved with time and are outdated by not taking on board relevant research insights into their curricular offer and teaching practice. 

Apart from my current role as Director of Enact Music and Course Director for the Certificate for Music Educators course, Level 4 accredited by Trinity College London and ABRSM, I am a Researcher Development Consultant at Queen's University, Belfast. 

I completed an MA in Music Psychology in Education at the University of Sheffield in 2011 and a PhD in instrumental music pedagogy at Queen's University Belfast in 2014.

Elisabete Tavares

Enact Music Administrator

Deputy Designated Teacher for Child Protection

Deputy Data Protection Officer

I am an experienced Teacher, with a background in administration. In previous administrative roles I have worked as team leader, designed and managed projects, worked effectively on multiple and diverse projects simultaneously, organised and managed resources adjusting priorities as required. My previous experience also includes classroom teaching in my speciality areas (English and Portuguese), online tutoring sessions, translation and proofreading tasks worldwide. On a personal note, I enjoy reading a lot and spending time with my family.

Amy Wright

Piano, Clarinet and Music Theory Teacher

I am a clarinettist and pianist from Dundonald, Belfast. I have achieved my Bachelor Degree in Music from Queen’s University Belfast with a Second Class, First Division in 2018. Following this, I have achieved my Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Bath Spa University in Secondary Music. Prior to my university studies, I have achieved a Performance Diploma in Clarinet and Grade 8 piano.

As an experienced and enthusiastic teacher, I have taught piano to children to a range of ages and abilities. Music is my passion and as a teacher, I am eager to share my passion onto my students. I do so through the delivery of fun and enjoyable learning aimed at developing students' learning motivation, skills and confidence in their own potential.

Zara Hegarty

Violin and Piano

From plucking my first string at four to thumping the keys and belting out my untuneful notes soon after, I was given the privilege of being fully immersed in the world of music. This provided me with the opportunity to participate in choirs, orchestras and solo performances building confidence, perseverance and an ‘attention to detail’. One of my most memorable performances was a four-hand recital of Joplin’s famous “Maple Leaf Rag”. The excitement of switching seats halfway through the performance, mixed with a packed hall, resulted in my final Spring concert being one I will never forget.

Following the completion of my Diploma LCM I tutored privately while still at school – an experience in which I loved! After moving away from home to study at Queens, I was delighted to be given the opportunity to continue teaching, meet new pupils and pass on my love of music so they too can experience the joy playing can provide.

Mike Gallagher

Piano and Music Theory Teacher

I’m a trained classical pianist and teacher holding a degree in Music in addition to my Diploma in Piano Performance and Post Grad Certificates.

While in London, I taught in a number of Public and Private schools as a classroom teacher and a peripatetic tutor. I have experience teaching beginner students through to Diploma standard and adult learners. I teach ABRSM, Trinity, LCM and Rock School syllabi. In addition to my own teaching, I have been a Choir Master/Conductor for various different projects since graduating. In addition to the more practical performance-based disciplines of music, I also teach GCSE/A-Level (CCEA, AQA and Edexcel) and Piano theory Grades 1-8. 

My own academic interests include the understanding, interpretation and performance of popular music and the use of the methodology for its analysis.

Conor Smyth-Small

Piano, Clarinet, Saxophone and Music Theory Teacher

I have achieved my Bachelor Degree in Music from King’s College London with First Class Honours in 2018. Upon completion of these studies, I attended Brevard International Music Festival in North Carolina where I worked closely with esteemed pianists Michael Chertock and Norman Krieger, focussing on both solo and chamber repertoire from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras. While in Brevard, I have also worked with professor Jihye Chang as he selected me to premiere a contemporary etude written by South Korean composer, SiHyun Uhm.

As an experienced performer and enthusiastic teacher, I have taught piano to children in a summer camp in the United States of America and also in schools across Northeast India while partaking in a volunteer programme. In my teenage years, I was successful in several national competitions and was selected as a finalist for Northern Ireland’s Young Musician of the Year and for the National Catherine Judge Memorial Award. More recently, I have advanced to the semi-finals of the Jan and Beattie Wood Concerto competition at Brevard International Music Festival.

Samantha McCoy

Piano, Cello, Music Theory, Music Technology and Composition teacher

I am a pianist, cellist and composer, graduated last year with a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours, in Music Technology and Sonic Arts from Queen’s University Belfast. During this past year I have undertook a Masters of Research (MRes), focusing on Contemporary Composition, at Queen’s University. I have been teaching for enact and other teaching schools around Belfast for just over a year now and loving teaching many young people and adults alike.

As a teacher, I regularly take part in courses to enhance my teaching, such as The Progressive Piano Teacher at TU Dublin Conservatory of Music and Drama and the Benedetti Foundation Mini Virtual Sessions, focusing on string teaching, over this summer. I have a passion for music and hope to pass this on to my students to create well-rounded musicians with a love for many if not all styles of music.

Hannah Harvey

Piano, Singing, Saxophone, Guitar and Drums teacher

I am a Music student at Queen’s University Belfast in the BMus Programme. This past year I have achieved my Grade 8 Musical Theatre and my Grade 7 Piano ABRSM. I am currently studying for my Diploma in Musical Theatre, Grade 8 Piano and Grade 8 Saxophone Trinity. Beyond my three main instruments, as listed above, I am a multi-instrumentalist and a striving film score composer. 

As a teacher, I strive to develop my students' creativity and self-confidence in their music-making ability. I believe that these are important elements in promoting lifelong engagement with music.

Stuart Murray

Flute, Singing and Piano teacher

I am a professional musician and actor who has recently returned to Northern Ireland. I earned my undergraduate degree in Music at Newcastle University before moving to London to study a master’s at Goldsmiths College. I continued my training by studying at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and have worked professionally in London for many years. I have extensive experience as a music teacher, having taught for over 10 years, and throughout that time I have worked with people of all ages and abilities.

As a teacher, I focus on providing a fun and welcoming environment that will promote effective learning. Music is something that everyone can share, whether or not people choose to pursue it as a career, and I feel that it is important to provide encouragement for anyone wishing to learn an instrument.

Robyn Knox

Piano, Music Theatre & Music Theory Teacher

I graduated with a 1st class honours degree in Music from Queen's University, Belfast, in 2019. I have been teaching piano, singing and music theory since 2015, including various music workshops in schools. I have experience in teaching young beginners and adult learners, through early to advanced grades. In addition to private tutoring, I have spent numerous Summers volunteering in Uganda where I assisted in training an African children's choir in preparation for their UK tours. I have also worked as a musical director for a local theatre company where I taught children and directed a group of musicians.

Music knows no boundaries and I feel grateful to be able to share something I love so much.

Aimee Thompson

Musical Theatre, Violin and Piano Teacher

I am currently in my second year of a BMus degree at Ulster University. Apart from my current work at Enact Music, I also was a tutor for the Education Authority (EA) Junior Orchestra. My music related qualifications include DipLCM in Musical Theatre, Grade 6 (Trinity) in Piano and Grade 8 (ABRSM) in violin. 

I am very enthusiastic about music and love to share the joy of learning an instrument with my students, using student-centered approaches while realizing my students own uniqueness, learning preferences and aims for development.

Ronan Keegan

Guitar Teacher

I am a guitarist who plays both acoustic and electric. I have graduated with a Bachelor's of Science with a 2:1 with Honours and a degree plus in Music Technology & Sonic Arts from Queens University Belfast. 

Since graduating I have been steadily improving my teaching ability and working hard on helping my students achieve the most out of their lessons with me.

I am constantly researching new ways to teach guitar and figure out the best way to cater and develop the abilities of every student I have. I believe that learning an instrument should be fun and progressive, and that learners should want to play and practice it of their own volition. This is something that I develop in each of my students in each lesson.

Paul Chandler

Guitar Teacher

I am a passionate devotee of the performing arts, having graduated (a few decades ago) in Theatre Studies. It was soon after when I began my formal music studies and focused on that while pursuing a career in public relations. I took classical guitar and theory exams up to grade 6, and then after early retirement, completed them through grade 8 to diploma level, achieving the Associate of the Royal Schools of Music (ARSM) Performance Diploma.

While perfecting my performing skills, I studied for a formal teaching qualification, gaining the Certificate for Music Educators, Level 4 with Enact and Trinity College.

The guitar, whether ringing out in solo acoustic and classical modes, or plugged in to support a rock band, has always been my inspiration. I like to share that with students, whatever their love of music. 

Lyle Anderton

Trumpet, Piano, Music Theory, Music Technology and Composition Teacher

I am a Multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer and bandleader, graduated in 2018 with a Bachelors of Arts in Fine Art from the University of the West of England. I have been teaching full-time since graduating, as well as currently completing a Level 4 Certificate for Music Educators from Trinity College.

Working in Bristol, I have been part of the city’s vibrant contemporary jazz scene, and have been releasing pop music under my stage name ‘LYLE!’. My experiences, both playing my own music and as a session musician in loads of different styles and genres has had me play up and down the UK, most notably performing at Glastonbury 2019, after winning a grassroots competition judged by founder Michael Eavis.

I have a strong teaching philosophy that focuses around specifically tailored learning paths that focus on giving a student the tools needed to become self-sufficient playing and creating music, whether it be to relax at home, play with other, or writing your own songs!

Dr Brendan McCloskey

Guitar Teacher (acoustic and Electric)

I am a musician and educator with over 20 years' experience in music education. I have taught guitar at Queen's University Belfast, Ulster University and ICM, and lectured in music performance, composition, musicology and music technology. 

My expertise lies in rock, blues and classical guitar styles, including in customised music technology settings for disabled musicians, and in software/hardware programming and electronics for musical sound.

I hold a Licentiate Diploma in Music Teaching from Rockschool, two Masters degrees (Musicology, and Music Technology), and a PhD in Accessible Music Technologies.

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