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What to bring

  • Clothing

Please ensure your child(ren) dress comfortable clothing and shoes.

  • Headphones/earphones

For hygiene reasons, we are asking children to bring their own headphones/earphones. These should be in a box labelled with child's name and date of birth. Please ensure that your headphones/ earphones are properly ensured as Enact Music accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage of headphones/earphones, clothing or personal property.

  • Lunch and Snacks

Please send in with your child a packed lunch and a snack. 

Packed lunches and snacks should be wrapped in a plastic bag with the child's name on top. Please ensure you send a healthy lunch for your child(ren). The following Items SHOULD NOT be sent in under any circumstances: Kiwi, Nuts, other foods containing nuts, chocolate, fizzy drinks, candies

  • Medication

Please detail any medical information that the Summer Scheme Staff should be made aware of on the enrollment form. Please also inform the Director (Lilian Simones) if your child requires medication throughout the day. All medication should be labelled in block capitals with: Child’s full name and date of birth.

  • Locker Provision

Locker provision is not available for Summer Scheme participants. Children are discouraged from bringing large amounts of money or other valuable items (mobile phones, jewelry, MP3 players etc.). Enact Music does not accept responsibility for loss of money, valuables or personal property.