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Daily registration and pick up

  • Children MUST be dropped off by an adult in the mornings for registration.
  • At the end of the day children must be collected by an adult.
  • If a different parent/guardian is collecting your child please let us know by email of text in the morning at registration time - this is for child protection purposes.
  • Please be aware that at our residential area the following rules needs to be strictly observed:
1. Please park either in front of Enact Music itself (although parking space here is limited) or use areas where there is no chance of blocking neighbors' space (house entrances or part/s of gardens). You can park briefly at the road going down from our house, or use the free house area, located only a few meters away from our house.

2. To drop off your child: Please stop your car briefly EXACTLY at the entrance of 17 Brooke Hall, confirm visually that your child has entered the house.

3. DO NOT stay parked in this area for more time than absolutely needed in order to avoid traffic congestion and safeguard our neighbours' privacy.

4. At collection time, please stop your car briefly EXACTLY at the entrance of 17 Brooke Hall. We will send your child out when we see you outside.

5. This is a residential area with neighbourhood children often playing outdoors. Driving in this area should never exceed in any circumstances 5 miles/hour.