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Because musical performance is an integral aspect of learning to play a musical instrument through which confidence, musical and communication skills are developed, we provide opportunities throughout the year for students to perform:

  •  Our next Instrumental music concert is set for December 2022 (depending on government guidelines). Click here to watch students’ performances at Enact Music Concerts.
  • Group performances at our Summer schemes are the result of work carried out in summer scheme courses such as: Ensemble, Improvisation, Conducting, Composition and Music Technology. For videos, pictures and testimonials on our summer schemes click the following links:

Summer Scheme: Videos, Pictures and Testimonials

  • In addition, our students regularly perform at various local and national music festivals and competitions (e.g. Holywood Music Festival, Belfast Music Festival, Lagan Festival, EPTA ) winning relevant prizes.  Click here to know more about the awards won by our students