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Complaints Policy

This policy is for complaints about any aspect of our Music Education services, including administrative issues, training and support, and financial transactions, excluding our CME Level 4 Programme (to access our CME course Complaints Policy please email our CME Course Director, Lilian Simones ([email protected]).

At Enact Music we take complaints as an expression of dissatisfaction with our services for which we will enact a fast response, whilst dealing with complaints politely, promptly and when appropriate, confidentially. Communication is at the heart of our approach in everything we do and as such we will respond to complaints with acknowledgement, explanation and information on any action/s taken.

We consider complaints as opportunities for learning and improving our services and they are taken account in our yearly review of our complaints policy and procedures. We will act with fairness, treating all complainants in the same way and not allowing those who complain to obtain unfair advantage or disadvantage by doing so.


Clients dissatisfied with any expect of our service/s can register a complaint by writing to Enact Music CME Course Director in the contacts below:

Lilian Simones

Email: [email protected]

Address: 17 Brooke Hall, BT8 6WB

They should state their name and provide copies (please not to send us any original documentation) of any relevant correspondence or documentation and names of all Enact Music staff they have been in contact with, be it by phone or in writing in relation to the complaint being made. Clients can also request to be contacted by telephone, in which case they will need to provide us their telephone number and best time and days for Enact Music to contact them.

For concerns raised informally (verbally) we will enable mediation between the complainant and the individual to whom the complaint has been referred quickly. However, in cases where concerns cannot be resolved informally, then the formal complaints procedure shall be used.

All formal complaints must be made in writing, including through email, within 6 weeks of the issue arising.

Enact Music will:

a)Acknowledge the formal complaint in writing

b) Respond within five days of receipt of the complaint

c) Deal in a sensitive and reasonable manner with the complaint

d) Take action where appropriate.

Complainants will be asked to:

a) Explain the problem as clearly and as fully as possible, including any action taken to date

b) Allow Enact Music a reasonable time to deal with the matter

c) To recognise that some circumstances may be beyond Enact Music Control

We reserve the right to cease correspondence with a client if their correspondence is, in our reasonable opinion, ill-considered.

Enact Music operates a two-level procedure for dealing with complaints:

Level 1

In the first instance, for issues that couldn’t be solved informally, clients will be asked to write to Enact Music CME Director, setting out the details of their complaint, the consequences for them as a result, and the solution their seek.

Complaints will be acknowledged within 5 working days of receipt.

Enact Music will endeavour to provide a response and an explanation within 10 working days of our acknowledgement, to allow time for any investigation required to be carried out.

Level 2

In cases where clients are not satisfied with the response, they can ask for the response to be reviewed. Enact Music shall respond within 3 days of receipt of the complaint and will provide a response within 15 working days.

Given that some issues may inevitably be more complex than others and may require longer to be appropriately investigated, timescales given for handling and responding to complaints are indicative. In such case, clients will receive communication explaining the actions being taken to deal with the issue and when a full reply can be expected and from whom.