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Enact Music has established a new and exciting partnership with Trinity College London!

June 30, 2017

Enact Music has received accreditation from Trinity College London for delivery of the Certificate for Music Educators (CME), Level 4. With this accreditation, Enact Music can now enroll CME candidates based in Northern Ireland and across the UK. The course is comprised of four units, in distance learning mode. For more information see Enact Music Trinity London College CME

Enact Music embarks on an exciting new partnership with ABRSM!

July 15, 2018

 Enact Music is now accredited by ABRSM for delivery of the course Certificate For Music Educators, Level 4. This partnership enables Enact Music to enroll students based all over the world in this magnificent distance learning course, with six rich learning units. For more information see Enact Music ABRSM CME 

Piano Lessons in Belfast

September 10, 2018

Start learning to play the piano today at Enact Music - enrollment is now open! 

Embark on a vibrant and fun learning experience, supported by professional musicians who are great teachers. At Enact Music we work with students to understand what their main learning aims and preferred music styles are. This guides the way we plan and structure our lessons. 

Developing a healthy approach to music making (mental and physical) is high on our agenda at all times. And that is why we use principles from the Russian School of Piano Playing to ensure students use their bodies correctly, while creatively listening and playing with sound. 

Indeed, the creative element of music making is a crucial aspect that we consider in every lesson. Piano lessons and instrumental music lessons in general, should not just be about playing music that has been previously composed, but also an opportunity to allow students to create new music and express themselves through sound (be it through their compositions or by enacting their feelings while playing work composed by others). 

Because music making is a social and bonding experience we have regular concerts and participate in festivals and competitions locally and nationally. Start learning to play the piano today! It will undoubtedly be one of the best things you will ever do for yourself or your children! You won't regret it!